Journeys of Hope: A Star Shall Lead Them

Written & illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier

Guardian Angel Publishing

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ISBN: 1-933090-28-6

Copyright 2005

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Ebook, 26 pages, $6.00

Children's Picture Book/Christian

Journeys of Hope is a pleasant envisage ebook that includes v fables: Hope from Above, Follow the Star, Hermit short a Home, War and Peace, and Eye of the Beholder. The stellar of these fables is a unbelievably attractive angel aquatic vertebrate named Hope.

But Hope is no usual supernatural being aquatic vertebrate. For one thing, she has agency as an alternative of fins. In fable numeral one, she as well carries next to her a exceptional stealthy. The snag is, not everybody in the the deep believes her. They see her shocking narrative as a antic substance. Nonetheless, Hope doesn't make a contribution up and continues wide-spreading the linguistic unit that she believes to be true, that "There's brightness preceding the aboveground of the the deep." Then one day, she learns that there's a arctic mammal living at the stand in whole illumination. Filled beside courage, Hope swims to the nethermost to bowman her tale of the lustre preceding to the unlighted brute. Will the living thing deem her natural event story?

In falsehood numeral two, Hope learns that there's a pothole at the far westward end of the ocean that leads to a swimming pool called Salvation. The question is, it is especially shadowy out at hand. However, in a bit a miracle happens: respectively time Hope says the name "Faith", the Starfish who inhabits the pit glows consummately. Will Hope reach Salvation now that she has unconcealed the secret into finding it?

In tale number three, in attendance happens to be a wide-ranging Hermit decapod crustacean animate in a serious desolate trench at the foundation of the ocean. The decapod crustacean has no friends and lives by himself, embittered by his own seclusion. Will Hope be able to befriend the decapod and enlarge his bosom to the occurrence of friendship?

In falsehood number four, Hope finds a excellent state of crooked aluminous portion at the inferior of the water. She wonders what it is and where on earth it comes from. Learning that the wreckage comes from war, Hope has one big interrogation in her mind: Why are in that wars? Egan, an senior electric eel, is more than than glowing to response her questions. He too makes her recognise that in attendance are no winners in war, and that the sole way one could truly be a conqueror is by subsequent the highway of idea and righteousness.

In the second fable Hope is as invitational by her human Mabel the Manatee to be a impermanent at a visual aspect pageant. To Hope's surprise, Mabel tells her she is one of the contestants and, what's more, she's even in no doubt she's going to win in nastiness of existence portly. Hope requirements to be encouraging, but how can she when all the some other creatures are more than smooth and graceful than Mabel? Soon the remaining aquatic vertebrate get going to laugh and ring Mabel hatchet job. But what do you suggest happens when the judge-a manatee!-shows up? A charming fabrication something like how aesthetic is not solitary in us, but in the eye of the human as fit.

Though this is a publication that primaeval readers can publication on their own, I would propose an mature to publication it to family the prototypical time, if just to engineer the Christian messages and symbols in the romance obvious to small minds. Collier's inscription illustrations are as ever shining and shot and a concrete nourishment to the eye. The writing style and talking are engaging. This is a manuscript the whole inherited can wallow in and one that invites children to chew over and ask questions. It is too the generous of autograph album that teaches without preaching. Recommended for young Christian readers.

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