Livin' Large is the most recent let loose from Smooth Jazz Sensation Euge Groove, and I can single chew over of one speech to exposit this CD... AWESOME!

Livin' Large grabs your publicity justified from the totally prototypic note with Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight and doesn't let go until the vastly second record of the highly past hymn Thank You, which by the way is other grave track.

Livin' Large is a gratifyingly varied, mix of 11 tracks that are extremely fit shorthand songs by this convincingly splendid artist. With tons of the songs displaying a lot of the kind mood that makes for a genuinely very good perceive.

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Euge Groove is the nature of creator I really soak up listening to.

If you're even mildly into Smooth Jazz auditory communication you'll enjoy this CD. Overall Livin' Large is an a bad free. I provide it my treble thumbs up. You will not be thwarted near one solitary course.

While this full CD is superior whatsoever of my favorites are course 2, Livin' Large, track 7 Too Cool, course 9, Silhouette.

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My SmoothLee Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is track 3, XXL

Livin' Large Release Notes:

Euge Groove originally discharged Livin' Large on Mar 09, 2004 on the Narada evidence sign.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

2. Livin' Large

3. XXL

4. Take You Higher

5. Thank You - (featuring JBS)

6. The Gift

7. Too Cool

8. Talk To Me

9. Silhouette

10. Cabolicious

11. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - (TRUE device)

Personnel: Euge Groove (vocals, high-pitched saxophone, attitude saxophone, keyboards, samples); Bridgette Bryant (vocals); JBS (rap vocals); Lee Thornberg (trumpet, fluegelhorn); Herman Jackson (vibraphone, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizer); Ollie Marland (Fender Rhodes piano, planning); Ricky Peterson (organ); Jeff Carruthers (keyboards, guitar, programming); David Woods, Johnny Britt (keyboards, planning); Paul Brown (guitar, percussion, scheduling); Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitar); Alex Al, Roberto Vally (bass); Lil' John Roberts (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).

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