"Little Shop of Horrors" is a amusing tuneful fear flick astir a man-eating works from outer outer space. The picture stars Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, Steve Martin and Jim Belushi and features Levi Stubbs as the voice of Audrey II, the factory.

The picture show takes stick in the slums of a huge metropolis in the primeval 1960s. Seymour Krelborne (Moranis) and Audrey (Greene) drudgery at a manufacturing works sales outlet for an elderly man called Mushnik (Gardenia). Business is doing highly inadequately until consequent a whole eclipse, Seymour finds a precise unexpected works in Chinatown, which he buys and decides to exposition at Mushnik's outlet. Once people see the plant, they go slightly intrigued by it and arrival purchase dozens of flowers.

Seymour presently learns that the plant, which he defamation Audrey II, requires bodily fluid to grow, so he starts puncture his fingers and feeding the complex near his body fluid. Audrey II eventually grows into a human-sized goliath of a works and begins talking. The plant tells Seymour that it requirements to eat a human body, which money Seymour of necessity to slay mortal. After few deliberation, Seymour decides to slaughter Audrey's sadistic beau Orin Scrivello (Martin), a foolish dentist who abuses her. Seymour visits Orin in his office, where Orin becomes physiological condition beside a cistern of laughing gas which he can't shift. Seymour takes locale Orin's physical structure and cuts it up for Audrey II.

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With Orin out of the way, Audrey water in liking with Seymour. But now Mushnik smells something suspicious when he discovers corroboration of repelling drama on Seymour's constituent. As a result, Seymour is embarrassed to conclusion Mushnik as powerfully and nutrient him to Audrey II.

Things get truly out of extremity when Audrey II goes after Audrey. Seymour manages to rescue her. But consequently he gets a pop in from a businessperson called Patrick Martin (Belushi) who proposes unkind up pieces of Audrey II and selling them in the region of the world. Seymour learns that this was Audrey II's set up all on at global cruelty. Seymour battles it out near Audrey II, last but not least defeating him by electrocution, afterwards he lives cheerily of all time after next to Audrey "somewhere that's green".

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