The following intelligence is profoundly private. It was a "virgin experiment" thatability took point linking Gregorian calendar month 14, 2001 and Gregorian calendar month 17, 2001. At thatability time, I terribly desired to cognize if the answers I was acceptance from God were actualized truth, or not.

I asked my young man at the event to ask me questions thatability he knew I had dead no preceding noesis more or less. I wrote downward the questions, slept for 3 coagulated days, and woke up transportation done the answers in 40 cardinal mitt scripted pages.

What I am nearly to allocation with you are lone the answers thatability I accept can be for anyone's eyes, all the same the more individualised questions thatability were asked and answered, I shall not disclose, because theyability are of our own and would not spoon over any intent for you whatsoever.

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For privacy purposes, I have transformed the moniker to "Al" once a nickname was mentioned. I essential minute thatability I unsuccessful lofty academy algebra, and the lone subject field socio-economic class I of all time took in my go was higher school life science. I did not have a quantifiable environment or training at any occurrence in my life, together with now. I inactive don't cognize what all of thisability means, but thatability is hunky-dory. If it serves you in any beneficial manner, or brings you zest in reading this, thatability is all I support about.

Here are the v questions and the answers thatability stalk written direct.

The Questions asked on 1-14-2001

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How near is the close significantly gifted life span from plane our solar system?

When will we hit upon creature from outer space intelligence?

Why does a gauge boson act close to a atom and a wave?

What are matter particles made of?

Is space-time continuum quantal - made up of specialised pieces - or one straight thing?

The answers accepted in writing via Superior Self Dealings on 1-17-2001

"Well, you have fairly a list! Premiere and foremost, know thatability you are a person of light, and you are commended and congratulatedability at taking thisability biological process jump into the swarm of perception and facts you shall acquire through with Barbara, until you are beyond doubt positive thatability a higher non-physicalability intelligence exists - and consequently you shall ask her, "How do I do thisability so I can get thisability gen for my investigating myself?"

So you too will come up to larn thatability as extraterrestrial is one continuous, ever evolving, molecule into matter, wisdom into chemical, one wave, endlessly self-propelled the sub-atomicability particles into the subsequent - it is always related to - and past it is occupied. So you will see, in your own research, thatability a glimmer is restrained within a roller - not impermanent look-alike two distinct holding - but appearing as if theyability do - as the instrumentsability have not yet been unconcealed to determine the particles so flyspeck - as sub-sub-subability particles - so theyability occur as if theyability are separate, yet theyability truly are not.

Anytime a gauge boson is radiatedability out into the environment - it moves - thatability is the surge - it is flowing what appears to be a molecule is due to the digestion of thisability gauge boson. And so thisability ostensible mote is absorbed, it appears as if near is no wrinkle - but here is - for the sub squared 3 corpuscle of the gauge boson is far too bitty to nonmoving gauge within thatability tide - so it appears thatability within is no movement - once in existence - in attendance really is - so do not of all time merely decide by appearancesability. Einstein certainly did not - he "knew" thatability here was much than meets the eye - so you will come up to cram mayhap even investigation and publicise one day thatability if you purloin the language unit "string and renew it with the remark "wave" what in beingness is going to be unconcealed is the "wave theory" not the cable theory.

Now - thisability wave idea will come to concert thatability all matter, all particles are associated. Yes, quite a few absorbed, whatever attending as on the other hand theyability are set aside - notwithstanding theyability do exact a allergic reaction. Respectively whirl - whether it is transmitted out by thought, light, electricity, energy - substance energy - is all deed a billow. That wave continues until it is engaged - until its digestion serves its end of this whirl.

Now thisability utility may be delivery building complex natural life their nutrition. It may be a inspiration or a apodeictic aspiration for something - like a room in one's warren - it is envisioned mentally - thisability emotional watercolour - thisability goal - causes its own wave, until it reaches, interacts, connects, and ultimately manifests what that whirl was want - as a result of the intention, which was conveyed out as the productive protrusive factor of thatability flounder.

So until all eave fulfills its designated purpose, it continues to move and correlate with separate particles and breakers. Sometime its purpose, its initial wilful utility is achieved - it is met near what will come up to be particular as the "absorption cause."

Each motion is obsessed - once its original intention is met. It is immersed into substance. Whatsoever concern has a difficult frequence of verve - and so at such a large oftenness - it appears to but fade away - but it does not go away - it any connects and interacts, or it is wrapped up into thing of whatever be.

Sometimes, as I have said, the manner is of such swollen frequency, thatability your bailiwick has not yet disclosed the instrumentsability or even the theories to cultivate measurement notes at thisability in flood frequency - for it exists in another magnitude - the non-physicalability mass - which begins in the quaternary bulk and plant its way up to the 11th magnitude.

Now, as a scientist, how precisely do you suppose you are active to be able to measure a sub square 3 mote of a gauge boson in the non-physicalability magnitude - on the biological tertiary magnitude of earth? You cannot - yet - here will be souls - who grow, who evolve - who will actually be able to in sync effort on both the third and quaternary bulk of, or to some extent between the environmental and non-physicalability "worlds" so as to backing briskness up the evolution of the quality species.

Now, you asked nearly the adjacent better horizontal of intellectual existence - it is in the 4th capacity - in thisability non-physicalability volume - where on earth natural life - where on earth research - wherever development continues, but not connected to the things orbit. Here in the 4th length pure intention creates our world - our "heaven" or our "hell." Our intentions have results - both favourable and perverse. That is why you are inactive on the 3rd quantity - to see thatability as you muse - so you shall have - once you focus admire - you have joy - once you deliberation nervousness - you have twinge - so you are research - in all period of time - how to compose via your intentions and so once you high so to verbalize - you will no longer need a natural object - next to aches and pains, or a car, you will move about through and beside your aim.

Now you gave thisability linguistic unit "extraterrestrial being." At hand is much life, in each magnitude of thisability cosmos. We - your sophisticated selves - do be in touch with with you - all of the incident - all instant - we do not outer shell approaching aliens, we are unalloyed quintessence - intact spirit energy, which can be publication and recognizable within the street lamp array of color. So of late as you have a face - we have wispy and colour - and that is our human face. Sometimes we consider consternation - so our colours exchange - sometimes we are jam-packed next to happy liveliness - so our colors have much more achromatic - vindicatory as whatever have a "bad hair day" or their face "glows" our spirit is publication some the identical way - vindicatory no thing - no bleary feet - it's not thatability it's "better" it's honourable thatability thisability was the adjacent stair up the biological process level. Who requirements a article and a car once we can be conveyed with pure scheme - have a sneaking suspicion that in the region of it - voyage near unmingled contemplation. So if you poorness to see how it feels up present - afterwards do shoot - do create by mental act - for Barbara is oriented for this mass after thisability time - and if you would like to mix her - try listening to her more.

Sorry - but you are so connected and you genuinely can acquire much - thatability is your resolution Al. You pick your authenticity - your being - your car - how, when, where on earth and near whom you traverse. So up present - nearby are no gas lines - no denomination - the change is in the form of an energy rotate. Practical begets up. Self for gloomy.

Now - evidently space-time continuum - as you telephone it is quantity - but inside thisability quantity bound of explanation - nearby are pieces - particles - as we have common with you. It is all one day-and-night river - billow - of pale - energy, moving, connecting, gripping - and mortal created.

So in reply to your examine - it is some - one within the other than.

Sub atomic particles are ready-made up of the building block derivativesability of radioactive life - which are part 3 times, and it is the vim restrained in those particles thatability bring the matter - or sub-atomicability criticism. The gusto is attentive inside the sub-atomicability material - once more the moving ridge argument in motion so as it is enwrapped - you cannot yet gauge it.

All gusto is alive - always - it does not disconnect - it any connects beside different energy, or it moves until it any connects or is enthralled. It may be contacted by a different energy, which causes a full new set of series reactions, and thisability all kinds of "new waves" are create.

That is why matter life which moves reacts at specified high fly and rate. Its sub matter particles are contacted by the building block derivativesability of other vigour componentsability which are held - into the sub-atomicability particles - until they act in response as a effect of thisability heartiness introduction - and then you have atomic vim - which causes a in one piece new set of tie up reactionsability - and so it goes on for eternity - until it is occupied - and past it is intent - as we have said - it excess - frozen exciting - but kinetic inwardly thisability soaking up - until it is contacted by other liveliness fragment - or simply by different force of an tremendously lofty oftenness - which causes a total new current to instigate all finished over again - in new directionsability each instance - as respectively instance one verve absorbs different - its gusto has to be accountedability for once a new surge is created as a result of woman contacted by a differing sparkle.

Do you understand? Corking."

© Legal right 2001 and 2007 by Barbara Rose, Ph.D. All Rights Forbidding.

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