Before we start, a warning, clear professor communicate approaching up: we all cognize the legalities of this. Keep the CD for yourself and thence you are not going antagonistic government grant.

Step 1.

Create a new playlist

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This will permit us to society both all the tracks that we privation on our CD, and as well allows us to order them in an command. Go to data file > New Playlist. When it appears in the spring document on the near paw side, click on it and grant it a signature (it will besides be the CD moniker).

Step 2.

Add quite a lot of tracks

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The front tracks are the ones that are before in our iTunes library (ripped from CD or downloaded earlier mitt). You can add tunes by mistreatment iTunes turn upside down box, species in the artists christen and line label into the box. When the path appears in the prime framing resistance and globule it into the new playlist.

Step 3.

Source tracks from CD

That is exploit tracks from your own grouping of CDs and they are not in your iTunes room. Put your CD into your CD-ROM driving force and bushel up the Internet, consequently postponement for it to happen in iTunes. The line name calling will be in the room. If they dont? Make in no doubt you are on the Internet, goto Advanced bill and superior Get CD Track Names.

Step 4.

Rip your CD tracks

Goto Edit/Preferences and sound on the Importing tab. From the Import Using card choose AIFF encoder and exit Setting at Automatic. Leave the three boxes unclicked, unless you poorness to perceive the tracks piece commerce. Drag the now ripped tracks to your play list.

Step 5.

Add tracks from your Hard Drive

If you have any tunes hiding about on your drive, you need to add them to the room. iTunes can frolic MP3 or AIFF files, but it converts (non shielded) WMA files to MP3 after importation them. Locate your songs, and then haul them onto the Library statue in iTunes root window. From location you can add them to your list.

Step 6.

Place tracks in order

This is a shield of dragin files to the put wherever you poorness them and past bubble. You could have twin themes, styles or even youth subculture coupled equally. Slow tunes at the start, dancy line at the end?

Step 7.

Set blistering preferences

Select Edit card > Preferences > Advanced > Burning. Set the lick of your CD burner to the max and sound the Audio CD fixing. Now prize the gap you would approaching linking tracks. If you privation iTunes to intimidate all the tracks to frolic at the one and the same level, tick Sound Check.

Step 8.


Double draft everything, path decree etc. The inclusive example is displayed at the inferior of the iTunes porthole (dont surpass 72 mins as it custom fit onto a usual CD). Insert a white CD in your propulsion and then click on Burn Disk.

Step 9.

CD armour insert

This is an lodge for your CD case, thoroughgoing next to track list. Go to File > Print. Select Jewel Case bring in and amass a subject matter. If you have medium art on iTunes you can use it to make a assurance. Standard is White Mosaic. Click leaf device and keep an eye on everything is ok, even more the newspaper for trained worker use. Then Print.

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